How to Use waste EPS?

EPS products are widely used for packing because of its unique advantages of insulation and protection. The bad effect following with this phenomenon is that we can find a lot of waste eps everywhere. Many people know that eps can be recycled and used again, but they don’t know where and how to use them. Today, let me explain to you in detail.

1. To make lightweight concrete
We crush the waste eps with a crusher, then we can mix them with concrete to get the lightweight concrete. It can be used for filling abandoned pits, to make partitions to reduce the loading of the whole building, to make sports field, etc. We can also pour the lightweight concrete into moulding machine to make lightweight concrete wall panels. We can also pour it into  special moulds to get ICF blocks. We can use 100% waste eps for these purposes.

2. To mix it with new material and then make eps blocks.
When we make eps blocks, we can mix crushed waste eps with new material. We can mix about 10-20% of the waste. We can't use more than 20% of waste eps, otherwise it will affect the block quality.

3. To pelletize it to make other products.
For the above two ways of using eps waste, we just need to crush them. But this way of using waste eps is more complicated:
A. Crush the waste eps products with crusher and store the crushed eps into a storage room.
B. Blow the crushed eps from the storage room into the eps silo above the machine. The eps was melted in the first extruder. Then the melted eps is transported to the 2nd extruder for plasticizing.
C. The filter net on the die head will filter the dirty things. When the filter is too dirty, use the hydraulic net exchanger to change a clean net.
D.The ps material passing the filter is like noodles. They are of high temperature after leaving the extruder. So they have to be put into the water tank for cooling.
E.The cooled ps noodles will be cut into pellets by cutting machine and then be transported into the granule silo.

After these steps, we get granules which can be used to make XPS board for wall or roof insulation, or for making photo frames, shoe soles, etc.


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