Weight:30 tons
   Certification:CE ISO
   Screw Design:Double-screw
   Plastic Processed:XPS
   Name:xps foam board production line
   Raw material:GPPS
   Additive:talcum powder, master batch
   foaming agent:freon, DMA, or butan
   Product:xps foam board
   Processing Type:extruding
   Warranty:1 Year
   capacity:more than 320m3/24 hours
   density:around 33kg/m3
   product size:600mm or 900mm wide
   After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
   Automatic Grade:Fully Automatic

XPS foamed board is widely used in many fields------external wall insulation, roof insulation, central air conditioning ventilating duct, thermal-protective coating for airport runway, roadbed for highway, etc.
   XPS board has many advantages as the following:

   1. Perfect function of heat preservation and thermal insulation.
   2. High strength and crushing resistance performance.
   3. Water proof and moisture resistance.
   4. Lightweight and easy to use.
   5. Stable performance and anti-corrossion.
   6. Environment friendly...
xps foam board production line

High quality extruded xps foam board production line
   I. Mixer
   The station is made of profile steel. Motor power is 3KW.
   II. Automatic stainless steel feeding machine 
   1. Hopper material: stainless steel 
   2. Feeding capacity: 350-450kg/hour 
   III. MZ 75 Double Screw Extruder 

1. Screw type: double screw. Dia: 75mm. L/D: 36:1.
   2. Barrel Material 45 Steel forgings, barrel inside is integral alloy with thickness of 11mm. Screw material is 6442 HSS(high speed tool steel). 
   3. Main motor power is 110 KW, AC motor, Siemens Brand (with protector). 
   4. Cast aluminum heater of the barrel is 380V. 2.2KW frequency control is used for feeding of the main machine. 0.75KW frequency control is used for auxiliary feeding. 
   5. Gearbox is specially used for this line. The gear is treated by carburizing grinding which has the advantages of low-noise, long-life and reliable-use. The gear box has oil-water exchanger. Chinese national brand. 
   6. The connection of motor and gearbox is horizontal type. 
   7. The double screw extruder is equipped with adjustable bed.

IV.Automatic hydraulic net changing equipment
   It is made of net-changing board, hydraulic cylinder, energy-saving machine and motor. (4KW)
   The time for changing the net is 1.5 second.
   The material of the net-changing board is 40Cr with heat treatment. Its sliding surface is very smooth.
   The motor power of hydraulic station is 2.2KW, the pressure is 31.5MPA. It can change the net automatically.
   The inside surface of the fuse pipe is chromed and polished so it is completely smooth. The fuse pipe has heating plate. All the connections has a space for spanner so that it is convenient for dismounting the bolts.

V.Foaming agent Injection & Metering System
   High-pressure plunger pump is 63L/H, the motor power is 4KW. It adopts AC frequency control.
   High-pressure pipeline and connector is high quality product made in Taiwan.
   The max pressure is 40MPA.
   The plunger pump is equipped with a set of sealing elements.
   It is equipped with shockproof supporting seat.

VI. MZ150 Single-screw Extruder
   L:D  45:1
   Material of screw and barrel is 38CrMoALA with nitriding treatment. The depth of nitriding is 0.5-0.7mm, screw hardness is HV>740, barrel hardness HV>940.
   Motor power is 55KW, AC motor, Siemens Brand.
   The cooling of barrel is by water. Heating voltage of heating ring (cast aluminum) is 380V.
   Customized gear box. Its gear is treated by nitriding. It has the advantages of low noise, long life and reliable use. The gearbox has oil-water exchanger.
   The way of cooling water is close-loop inside the barrel.
   It is fixed directly onto the ground. (the height of the seat is adjustable).

VII. Mould
   The mould can make products with thickness 20-100mm, width 600mm. The mould 

VIII. Mould temperature control system
   The temperature controller is an intelligent meter, its heating power is 6KW, water cooling. The size of inlet is 3/4 inch. The working media is high-temperature heat-transfer oil. It is mainly used to control the temperature of the die mouth. Working temperature range is 40-120℃.

IX. Board thickness calibrator and first hauling machine
   9.1  Board thickness calibrator
   9.1.1  It is composed of pressing board, sliding plate, machine frame and driving mechanism.
   9.1.2 Size of pressing board is 980x1100x20mm, one board is on the top, the other is on the bottom. Its movement is adjusted by screw lifter. Motor power is 0.75 KW x2=1.5KW.
   9.1.3 The sliding plate is made of teflon board (2mm), one on the top and one on the bottom. Size is 950x1000x5mm.
   9.1.4 The machine frame is made of profile steel.
   9.2  First hauling machin
   9.2.1 The hauling power is 2.2 KW, the speed is controlled by frequency control.
   9.2.2  The hauling roller is made of two groups of rubber rollers. The bottom roller is the active one.
   9.2.3 The upper roller pressing is adjusted by cylinder. The width of roller barrel is 1100mm, diameter is 240mm. Both groups of rollers are butyronitrile rubber rollers.
   9.2.4  The machine frame is welded by profile steel.

X.  Cooling roller frame
   1.The length of cooling roller is 16 meters.
   2. The guiding roll is positive pole aluminum roller.
   3. There is a set of guiding board on the cooling roller to avoid the boards go off track.
   XI. Horizontal Cutter

It adopts saw blade to cut the board edge. There are two groups of 3KW motors and 2 groups of air cylinders upside.
   The cutting machine is before second hauling. The width of cutting is adjustable.

XII. Second hauling machine (with embossing roller)
   There are two rollers, Both of the upper roller and bottom roller are embossing rubber rollers.
   The drive system is frequency control with a motor power of 1.5KW.
   The frame is welded by profile steel.
   The bottom roller is active one. It is adjusted by air cylinder.
   The double-side embossing machine and second hauling are in one machine.

XIII.Horizontal Cutting Machine
   The cutting is made by saw blade. (saw blade motor is specially made).
   The horizontal movement is done by chains. Motor power is


first screw diameter


second extruder diameter




RJ 52/110 extruding lineΦ52mmΦ110mm 


RJ 75/150 extruding lineΦ75mmΦ150mm ≥320
RJ 85/200 extruding lineΦ85mmΦ200mm ≥450

Main Part Brand:   
   Main Part Brand


  • Mr. Khera: (India)
    Mr. Khera: (India)
    I am making eps beads for the lying bags. I am always exporting to the European market. The pre-expander machine from Northern Alliance Machinery Group is very good to use and the best advantage for me is that I can make very light beads, as low as 4kg per cubic meter. For the same volume bags, the lightest the eps is, the less material I use, so their machine helped me save a lot of money. I like their machine very much.
  • Fernando: (Sri Lanka)
    Fernando: (Sri Lanka)
    I am from Sri Lanka, and thanks to Northern Alliance Machinery Group, I gained national award for making green building materials. EPS waste is always a problem for the environment in our country. People throw it everywhere or burn the waste and it polluted the environment a lot. After I bought machines of eps concrete wall panel line, I collected the eps waste and crush them and used it for making wall panels. People knew that I use eps waste so they sent the eps waste to my place. I am doing good things to help protect the environment, at the same time, I can save the cost and gain high profits. I am very glad that I have this line.
  • Kareem: (Saudi Arabia)
    Kareem: (Saudi Arabia)
    I bought a whole line of making 3D wall panels from Northern Alliance Machinery Group in 2017. In fact, I started to search machines of such panels since 2010. The 3D panel technology originated from Italy but the machines are too expensive. So I started to search it on Chinese market. I visited a lot of factories before I decided to buy from Northern Alliance. Facts proved that my decision is right. I got the whole line at a very reasonable price and I got my line running at the end of 2017. This is a turn-key project and we just prepared water and electricity. Now the machines are working very well and our construction project is proceeding smoothly.
  • Mr. Mahesh: (Sri Lanka)
    Mr. Mahesh: (Sri Lanka)
    I am from Sri Lanka and our country is surrounded by sea water so we have rich resources of fish. The fishes are exported to many countries. For the packing of fish, eps boxes are the best so we always have very good business. We started making our first box with a small semi-auto machine and the productivity is very small. But now we expanded a lot and we have 4 full-automatic machines, all for making fish boxes. Lidia gave a lot of after-sale support for the production. Whenever I have questions, no matter how late, she always reply to me in time. I am very thankful to her help. We will still grow our business in the future.
    Mr. Atef: (Egypt)
    Mr. Atef: (Egypt)
    Our first eps line was bought in 2004 from Northern Alliance Machinery Group. At that time, I was studying in the university and my father visited China and bought the line. Later our factory expanded little by little and now I am in charge of the factory. We bought new eps machines but we are still using the old one which we bought in 2004. I can prove that the machine has really a high performance-price ratio. I think German machines must be better, but if you want to save money and have a reliable machine, just go to Northern Alliance. By the way, I am from Egypt.
  • Mr. Sanghvi: (India)
    Mr. Sanghvi: (India)
    I bought the machine from Northern Alliance by chance. I was deciding to buy the machines from another supplier in that city, then when I was shopping in the mall, I happened to meet their salesperson Lidia. I visited their factory the next day and then decided to buy from them. To be honest, I chose them at that time because they gave me a lower price than the other factory. After my line worked, I found I made a right choice. Their machines works perfectly. My operator is a very experience person, he has experience of using eps machines from many factories. He told me the machine from Northern Alliance is very easy to use and maintain. And the product quality is really good. Our product densities have a big range from 4.5kg/m3 to 40kg/m3. The machine can deal with all without any difficulty. I am happy that I have their machine.
  • Mr. Hadley (the United States)
    Mr. Hadley (the United States)
    I have a trading company and I have bought 6 eps lines from Northern Alliance and then sold to African countries. I trust their machines very much because they have never caused me problems. Whenever I need help, they are always there to help me. The first time when I bought their machine in 2008, I went to their company to check the loading, but later, I didn’t need to go there at all. They did the work very well for me. And they also do very well for the onsite installation. Even if I am not in the buyer’s factory, I don’t need to worry at all. They also helped me buy other machines from other companies at good quality and a good price. I really appreciate it. We will have a long-term co-operation.
  • Mr. Lars (Denmark)
    Mr. Lars (Denmark)
    I am from Denmark and we are a company making lightweight concrete. We were thinking to use this lightweight concrete to make wall panels for our market. So we bought their wall panel molding machine. We didn’t ask for the onsite installation but they offered us very detailed explanation about how to install the machine. It is very helpful. We are now using the machine well.
  • Mr. Naizer (Saudi Arabia)
    Mr. Naizer (Saudi Arabia)
    I first came to know Lidia in 2009. And I didn’t buy the eps machine until 2017. During this time I did a lot of inspection and Lidia also helped me a lot in the preparation of all things. I am sorry when the machines were installed, it was our Ramadan and it took a long time. Now the machine runs very well and we will expand a new line for shape molding in the next few years.
  • Mr. Eldar (Uzbekistan)
    Mr. Eldar (Uzbekistan)
    I am a big fan of Northern Alliance. Our country needs a lot of eps blocks for wall and roof insulation and because of language barriers, few buyers can find the good machine suppliers. I have bought over 10 lines from Northern Alliance to our country. My customers are happy that they have good quality machines and good after-sale services, I am also very happy that I have a good profit. Before, I bought only EPS machines, in 2019, I bought my first XPS line. I am using it by myself now and also use it to show to our customers so that I can sell more machines in the future.
  • Mr. Babahani (Iran)
    Mr. Babahani (Iran)
    We are among the first manufacturers of eps blocks in Iran. We bought our first line from another Chinese machine factory in 2001. In 2005, I wanted to expand my factory and I needed another line. The first machine works well, but the price is too high so we bought our second line from Northern Alliance at a very reasonable price. The machine works very well until in the middle of 2019, Iran’s EPS market was not as good as before, we changed to a more profitable product and sold the machines to others. We helped the buyer with the installation. Although it is second-hand machine, it works well enough and our customer is satisfied.
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