Main Types and Characteristics of Foam Shape Molding Machine

EPS products are widely used. Packaging boxes of seafood, vegetables and fruits in daily life, shock-proof packaging of air conditioners, televisions and other household appliances in industry field, lost foam in the foundry industry, building modules used in construction, etc.

To make EPS products with different shapes, you need to customize a mold for each product. The mold is generally made of aluminum alloy with stainless steel outer plate structure. The molds are equipped with different numbers of feed guns and ejectors according to the shape of the product. The feed gun is a mechanism that feeds eps granules into the mold, and the ejector is a mechanism that ejects the product from the mold.

The foam granules are sent into the mold, heated and molded in the mold, and then cooled to obtain the corresponding shaped foam products. It is the shape molding machine that carries the mold. The shape molding machine is responsible for mold opening, closing, feeding, air intake, cooling and other functions.

There are two kinds of foam shape molding machines. One is horizontal full-automatic machine, the other is vertical semi-automatic machine. 


Horizontal molding machine is controlled by plc, which can produce fully automatically. When the machine is installed, it is fixed on a one-meter-high shelf or platform.  The foam products will fall to the ground after they are made. A technician can control multiple machines, and ordinary workers can pick up products under the machine. The full-automatic machine has high efficiency, and generally large-volume products need this kind of machine to make.

The mould in this machine is equipped with 20 to 30 feeding guns and ejectors. The quantity of feeding guns and ejectors depends on the  product shape and size. The material feeding speed is very fast, and after the products are made, the ejectors can push the products out automatically so the workers just need to pick up the products.

This machine adopts vacuum system, it can shorten the cooling time so that the products can be shaped faster. 


The vertical machines are low-cost and suit small capacity production or to make products with complex shapes such as lost foam products. One worker can operate 2-4 machines.

The mould in this machine also has feeding guns, but it doesn’t have ejectors and the feeding gun quantity is not as much as in the full-automatic machine. So, it takes longer time to shape the products in this machine, besides, after the products are made, the worker has to take them out by hand.

This machine doesn’t have vacuum system. It normally adopts hydraulic system for the mould opening and closing. 

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