Precautions For Using EPS Pre-expander

1. In the event of a sudden power failure, EPS Pre-expander will automatically close the steam valve, open the material door and the compressed air valve to cool it to prevent the foam material in the barrel from condensing into agglomerates. If you want to discharge the raw materials in the barrel, you can blow out the foaming materials in the barrel with a blower or compressed air, and then separate them according to the actual situation of the foaming material.

2. To use the eps foaming machine, the working pressure of compressed air must be greater than 0.6Mpa. All control valves rely on compressed air as power to achieve timely opening and closing. Especially the discharge port depends on the cylinder to lock the valve. If the pressure is not enough or decreases, the discharge port will be pushed open. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of the foaming machine, the working pressure of compressed air must be guaranteed.

3. When the machine needs to enter the barrel for maintenance, it is necessary to cut off the main power and set up a special person to monitor it. After the maintenance is completed, strictly check the tools and parts left in the barrel, etc. Otherwise, the ventilation plate and rotating bracket at the bottom of the barrel will be damaged.

4. During the production process of the machine, strictly prevent foreign materials mixed in the EPS raw materials from being sent into the foaming barrel, which will damage the ventilation plate at the bottom of the barrel.

5. During the production process, the machine must always pay attention to the sensitive reliability of the electric contact pressure gauge. If problems are found, they must be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal and stable production of the machine.

6. When checking and maintaining the machine, remember to turn off the power to avoid personal accidents.

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