Houses Made of EPS Foam

With the development of technology, there are many kinds of ways to build houses. From traditional bricks made of clay to light steel buildings which can be installed very fast, more and more building materials are known by us. But have you heard of the houses made of styrofoam?

Speaking of houses made of styrofoam, there are two ways. 

I. The first way (ICF system)

ICF blocks, that is insulated concrete formwork, is made by eps shape molding machine. It uses eps raw material, after expansion, put them into the moulds in the shape molding machine, then we can get different shapes of formwork. These formwork has different thickness and shapes, some are straight, and can be used as walls, some are T-shape or L-shape which can be used as corners or joints. They can be assembled very fast on the construction site, then we can pour the concrete inside. These icf blocks are building formwork which don’t need to be dismantled like normal wood formwork or plastic formwork, besides, they have the function of thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc. Besides, the icf system is tightly closed because the concrete inside is a complete set, it doesn’t have any gaps like using bricks, so it is especially suitable for making cold storages. 

2. The second way (3D panel system)

3D panel is welded by eps blocks and wire mesh. This kind of wall is different from icf system in that eps blocks are inside, concrete is outside while icf system is that eps blocks are outside and concrete is inside. 

Like icf system, it is also very fast to build houses with such panels, and it also has the advantage of heat and sound insulation. Besides, it is more fire-retardant because the eps blocks are inside the concrete. 

This kind of system is more common in villages for low-story buildings.

The world is growing so fast. Let’s see what other ways we can use with the eps foams!

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