How to choose the right foam cutting machine?

Talking about foam, we will think of many kinds of products——-eps foam, pu foam, epe foam, xps foam, etc. All of these products are called “ foam products”. Some people don’t know this, so they come up with some problems in looking for the right type of machine.

To cut different foam products, we need different types of cutting machines. To cut epe foam and xps foam sheets, it is knife-cutting, however, if you want to cut eps products, you will have to use “hot-wire cutting”.

Now let’s talk about some types of eps hot-wire cutting machines in detail.

1. Type one (Normal EPS cutting machine)

This kind of machine is normally used to cut eps blocks into sheets. It can cut both horizontally and vertically. Maximum 20 wires can be set for horizontal cutting, but only one wire can be used for vertical cutting, so the vertical cutting speed is slow. 

2. Type Two 

This kind of machine can cut both horizontally and vertically.  Maximum 40 wires can be set for horizontal cutting and maximum 20 wires can be set for vertical cutting. So, if you need to cut blocks vertically, you can choose this type.

3. Type Three

According to customers’ requirement, some blocks have to be cut into different shapes for decoration purpose. Then you need CNC cutting machines to make it. For normal shapes, a 2D CNC cutting machine is enough. You can use autocad to make the drawing, then connect the computer with the machine so that the hot wire can move according to the set route to cut the blocks into the shapes you want.

4. Type Four

If the drawings are more complicated, 2D cutting can’t meet the requirement. Then a 3D cutting machine is necessary. It has one extra movable table on the bottom, so that the product can move with the table, too.

This type of 3D cutting machine can cut all the products which a 2D cutting machine can make. So, if you don’t know whether to choose a 2D cutting machine or a 3D cutting machine, you can just choose a 3D cutting machine, and there is not a big difference about the price.

5. Type Five

To get a more complicated product such as the statues of figures or animals, you have to use a 4D Cutting machine, we also call it “CNC router” or “5-axis carving machine”. It can cut the foam into any shapes you want. Besides, it can not only cut foams, but also cut bamboo, wood, stone, etc.

foam cutting machine  

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